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General information

Name: Dispense
Version: 1.0
Publication date: 02-10-2017
Status wikipage: draf

This FHIR profile is based on the 2017 version of the ZIB Dispense, which can be found on the wiki.

The ZIB Dispense is based on the building blocks designed the Dutch Mediation project. More information can be found here on the (Dutch) wiki or for the complete dataset see ART DECOR


Medication supply describes the supply of a medicinal product to a specific patient (or the administerer or a representative), with the intention of it being used according to the included instructions (usually to honor the supply request in a medication prescription). Medication supply takes place when the patient (or any of the others listed above) physically receives the product.


Recording supply information can be an important step in drawing up an up-to-date medication profile.



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Published by Nictiz
Status draft
Extension distributionForm
Extension requestdate
Example Example of Dispense