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General information

Name: LivingSituation
Version: 1.0
Publication date: 02-10-2017
Status wikipage: final

This FHIR profile is based on version 1.2 of the building block Contact. The latest version of this building block can be found here on the wiki.


The living situation is the physical environment in which the patient normally lives, sleeps, keeps their clothing, etc.


The goal is to take stock of the patient’s current living situation. This is in regard to any current or future problems the patient encounters or could encounter when living with the disease and the patient’s (future) constraints. There are many reasons to ask about the patient’s living situation. The living situation can be relevant in the patient’s wish to live in their own home independently in the event of disease and/or disability (WMO, 2011; CIZ, 2011). Furthermore, the living situation is important in evaluating the risks of falling, particularly among people living alone (CMO, guidelines for fall prevention, 2004).



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Published by Nictiz
Status draft
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