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General information

Name: OxygenSaturation
Version: 1.0
Publication date: 02-10-2017
Status wikipage: draft

This FHIR profile is based on version 1.2 of the building block O2Saturation. The latest version of this building block can be found here on the wiki.


Arterial oxygen saturation, also referred to as saturation, is an indicator for the amount of oxygen bound to the hemoglobin in the red blood cells of the arteries. The measurement is usually carried out as a transcutaneous measurement with a blood oxygen monitor or pulse oximeter. The saturation level is expressed as a percentage and should be over 95% in healthy people.


Measuring and monitoring oxygen saturation is done to monitor the oxygenation, or the amount of bound oxygen in the arterial blood.



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Published by Nictiz
Status draft