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List of StructureDefinitions

These profiles are derived from the official HL7 Vital Signs profiles. The purpose of these profiles is to add additional concepts that are not in the vital sign profiles but are provided in the corresponding ZIB. Moreover, these derived profiles include ZIB to FHIR mappings. Because the base vital signs profile constrains the .code and the .component.code to the datatype quantity it is not possible to add additional ZIB concepts. A GForge issue is created to adress this problem. This issue will most likely be resolved with FHIR version STU4. However, to address this problem on the short term the base vital signs panel is copied, the datatype constrain removed and published under a different canonical URL. The HL7 vital sign profiles bloodpressure, bodyweight and oxygensaturation are copied, the StructureDefinition.baseDefinition adjusted and published under a different canonical url because they are in the chain of derived profiles and the component.code need to be used for these vital signs.

ZIB name NL ZIB name EN FHIR Resource URL profile Reference to section
Bloeddruk BloodPressure Observation Verwijzing.png BloodPressure
LichaamsGewicht BodyWeight Observation Verwijzing.png BodyWeight
LichaamsLengte BodyHeight Observation Verwijzing.png BodyHeight
Lichaamstemperatuur BodyTemperature Observation Verwijzing.png BodyTemperature
O2Saturatie oxygenation, saturation, SpO2 Observation Verwijzing.png OxygenSaturation
Hartfrequentie HeartFrequency Observation Verwijzing.png HeartRate