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a simple template to be used in various to-do lists for easier organization of solved and unsolved issues.

See also

Check marks and Cross marks
Check marks Cross marks
{{Check mark}} Check markY {{X mark big}} X mark bigN
{{Tick}} = {{Tick|20}} 20pxY {{Cross}} = {{Cross|20}} 20pxN
{{Y}}, {{y}}, {{aye}} 13pxY {{N}}, {{n}}, {{nay}} 13pxN
{{Ya}}, {{ya}} 13px {{Na}}, {{na}} 13px
{{Check mark-n}} Check markY {{X mark-n}} X markN
{{Y&}} {{N&}}
File:☑.svg Check mark 2.svg File:☒.svg ☒.svg
Other marks
{{n.b.}} Sjabloon:N.b. {{hmmm}} Sjabloon:Hmmm
{{bang}} Sjabloon:Bang
Most of the templates above are fully sortable in a class="sortable" table (each check mark is assigned an undisplayed "Y" and each cross mark an undisplayed "N").