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For dates from January 1, 1970 onward only!

(This template was formerly named {{Dts vgr2}}, i.e. Date table sorting for video game release dates)


Normally, for proper sorting, dates must be entered in YYYY-MM-DD format. But this does not conform to the Manual of Style for date display and wikilinking. Like {{dts}}, this template automatically creates the hidden <span style="display:none">2005-07-04</span> for sorting purposes and then displays and wikilinks the date properly depending on the user's preferences. In accordance with current guidelines, this template does not hotlink dates. Also, if you input only a year and month, then it must be in this format: July 2005.

By default this template outputs dates in "verbose" format. This can be turned off by setting the optional parameter, v, to equal zero, in which case dates are outputted in YYYY-MM-DD format. Setting v to equal 2 forces the "D MONTHNAME YYYY" format.

If for some reason you need to pass a value that is not a valid date (such as "TBD" or "TBA"), or if you do so by accident, the inputted value is returned unchanged.

Don't use this template with dates before 1970, as it relies upon the #time: parser function.


Code (v=1, default) Output Code (v=0) Output Code (v=2) Output
{{date sortable|2005}} 2005 {{date sortable|v=0|2005}} 2005 {{date sortable|v=2|2005}} 2005
{{date sortable|July 2005}} 200507juli 2005 {{date sortable|v=0|July 2005}} 2005072005-07 {{date sortable|v=2|July 2005}} 200507juli 2005
{{date sortable|July 4, 2005}} 20050704juli 4, 2005 {{date sortable|v=0|July 4, 2005}} 200507042005-07-04 {{date sortable|v=2|July 4, 2005}} 200507044 juli 2005
{{date sortable|4 July 2005}} 20050704juli 4, 2005 {{date sortable|v=0|4 July 2005}} 200507042005-07-04 {{date sortable|v=2|4 July 2005}} 200507044 juli 2005
{{date sortable|2005-07-04}} 20050704juli 4, 2005 {{date sortable|v=0|2005-07-04}} 200507042005-07-04 {{date sortable|v=2|2005-07-04}} 200507044 juli 2005
{{date sortable|invalid}} invalid {{date sortable|v=0|invalid}} invalid {{date sortable|v=2|invalid}} invalid
{{date sortable|TBD}} TBD {{date sortable|v=0|TBD}} TBD {{date sortable|v=2|TBD}} TBD
{{date sortable|TBA}} TBA {{date sortable|v=0|TBA}} TBA {{date sortable|v=2|TBA}} TBA

See also

  • {{dts}}
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  • {{vgy}}
  • {{vgrtbl}} - a template that makes use of this one internally.