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This template gives an equation passed in as numbered parameter {{{1}}} a number {{{2}}}, which is displayed in the far right column. This also creates an anchor (#equation-{{{2}}}), which can be adjusted with the id parameter.


{{Equation|1=e=m c^2\,|2=1}}
{{Equation|1=X(t)= V_0 * t + A*t^2\,|2=3}}

results in:

<math>e=m c^2\,</math> (1)

<math>a^2+b^2=c^2\,</math> (2)

<math>X(t)= V_0 * t + A*t^2\,</math> (3)

Note: Wikisyntax (e.g. formatting templates like {{sub}}) won't work in this template, use LaTeX syntax instead.