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Template that returns the wikipedia page for an element given its name or the wikipedia page for an isotope given the element's name and its mass number.

Example usage

  • {{LinkForElement|Mercury}} will return "mercury (element)"
  • {{LinkForElement|Uranium|238}} will return "uranium-238"

When using a common name for an element that goes against the Wikipedia style guide for element names, a warning message will inform the editor about this. There are currently three such names:

  • {{LinkForElement|Aluminum}} will return "{{#invoke:Error|error|Aluminum is not a valid way to spell aluminium.|tag=}}"
  • {{LinkForElement|Sulphur}} will return "{{#invoke:Error|error|Sulphur is not a valid way to spell sulfur.|tag=}}"
  • {{LinkForElement|Cesium}} will return "{{#invoke:Error|error|Cesium is not a valid way to spell caesium.|tag=}}"

Because the output of this script is expected to get used in a link and any error message this script outputs will also contain links, the error message will look corrupt. It is recommended that you use {{CheckElement}} to check that no error message will be output before using this template. If {{CheckElement}} returns an error message, you should output that error message instead.

See also

Sjabloon:Periodic table templates

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