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This template creates a sortable numeric cell with right aligned contents in a Wikitable.


The complete syntax of this template is:



  • var is a real number in the range -9999999999999999.999999 to 9999999999999999.999999 (-1E+16 to 1E+16)
  • prefix= an optional prefix
  • format= a number format option
    • format=yes – displays thousands separator commas (default)
    • format=no – does not display thousands separator commas
  • color= a text color option
    • color=black (default)
  • bgcolor= a background color option
    • bgcolor=#F7F7FF (default)
  • debug= a debug option
    • debug=yes – displays a debug prefix (see debug examples)
    • debug=no – does not display a debug prefix (default)

This template is subject to the number table sorting limitations.


The following Wikitext:

{|class="wikitable sortable"
|+A Sortable Wikitable
!left alignment
!center alignment
!right alignment


A Sortable Wikitable
left alignment center alignment right alignment
7005275678000000000A.    275.678 700434820000000000034.820 km2 70067917231000000007.917.231 km-2
7006166590900000000B. 1.665.909 700445783000000000045.783 km2 700736387065000000036.387.065 km-2
7005550125000000000C.    550.125 700485882000000000085.882 km2 70066405591000000006.405.591 km-2

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