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The purpose of this template is to provide a standard format for labeling links to official websites. The only required parameter is the URL. Three other parameters are also available:

  • name= is used to reformat the title if "official website" is not suitable.
NOTE: This name should succinctly and accurately describe the external link in relation to the subject. In particular, it should not include the article subject's name as the reader reasonably expects that all external links pertain to the subject.
  • mobile= is optionally used if there is a different "official website" for use with Mobile Web devices
  • format=flash is optionally used if the website requires Adobe Flash Player software

Some URLs that contain special characters, such as & or =, will break the template. The solution is to prepend the URL with 1=

Code Result
{{Official website|}} url||2=Official website}}
{{Official website|}} url||2=Official website}}
{{Official website|}} url|1= website}}
{{Official website|}} url|1= website}}
{{Official website|1=}} url|1= website}}
{{Official website||name=Official example website}} url|1= example website}}
{{Official website||mobile=}} url||2=Official website}} ({{#invoke:URL|url|1=}})
{{Official website||format=flash}} url||2=Official website}} Sjabloon:Link note


<TemplateData> {

       "description": "This template is used to mark articles without geolocation data (coordinates). Use the {{#invoke:Coordinates|coord}}{{#coordinates:||||||||

| |name= }} template to add geographical data.",

       "params": {

"1": {

                       "label": "URL",
                       "description": "The URL that the template will link to",
                       "type": "string",
                       "required": true
               "name": {
                       "label": "URL Text",
                       "description": "The text the URL will display. If not provided this will default to 'Official website",
                       "type": "string",
                       "required": false

"mobile": {

                       "label": "Mobile Website",
                       "description": "If the website has a different 'official website' for mobile devices this website can be listed here",
                       "type": "string",
                       "required": false

"format": {

                       "label": "Requires Flash",
                       "description": "If the website requires Adobe Flash Player software to be displayed, set this parameters value to 'flash'",
                       "type": "string",
                       "required": false

} </TemplateData>

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