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This template provides a header for the subcategories of Category:All redirect categories.

  • {{Redirect category|from=|to=|template=|parameters=|same_line=}}

Use from and/or to to describe the purpose of the redirects in the category. template names the associated redirect template (without the Template: prefix). parameters lists the parameters used by the redirect template. same_line=no changes "put" to "use" and suppresses the text "after the redirect but on the same line". This option is only used for Category:Miscellaneous redirects and soft redirect categories.


{{Redirect category|from=misspellings or [[typographical error]]s|to=the correct spellings|template=R from misspelling}}



This template adds categories to Category:All redirect categories, Category:Hidden categories and Category:Tracking categories. If the template is transcluded on a page outside of the category namespace, the page will not be added to the categories.

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