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The {{regional stub category}} template operates identically to {{stub category}} except that it also categorises the page into Category:Stubs by region.


{{Regional stub category
|category type=

For example:

{{Regional stub category
|article=people in Japanese [[football (soccer)]], including football players, managers, coaches, etc.
|category=Japanese footballers

will show:

The |category type= parameter inserts additional text between the phrases "This category is for" and "stub articles relating to ...", so using |category type=biographical will give "This category is for biographical stub articles relating to ...".

There is also an optional parameter |WikiProject= which links to a relevant WikiProject page. For example:

{{Regional stub category
|article=the [[Commonwealth of Massachusetts]]
|category type=biographical

will show:

Missing parameters

Certain cases of incorrect usage are tracked via Category:Stub categories needing attention. These are:

  • the |newstub= parameter is blank or absent;
  • the |category= parameter is blank or absent.

See also

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