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The {{template category}} template should be placed at the top of categories that contain only template pages and their related subcategories.


Full syntax

{{template category
|type = 
|topic = 
|description = 
|help = 
|container =


The following optional parameters may be used:

Adds the default description "Templates relating to topic." — where topic is usually a wikilink to the main article associated with the category (e.g. United States for the Category:United States templates). See Example 1, and Example 2 below.
Use this if a customised description is needed, instead of (or, if topic also used, to follow) the default description above. See Example 2, Example 3, and Example 4 below.
Adds a note as to which type of template the category (but not necessarily its subcategories) is meant to contain. See Example 1, Example 2, and Example 4 below. Currently, setting type to one of eleven values produces a preset note. The values are:
ambox · campaignbox · conversion · external link · formatting · function
infobox · meta · navbox · navigation · sidebar · stub · timeline · userbox
If type is set to something other than one of these values, the default message: "The pages listed in this category are templates." appears.
Use this to provide customised instructions rather than the default explanation as to how to add a template to the category.
Use this for container categories by adding |container=yes to the template. The message: "Do not add templates to this category: instead, use the appropriate sub-category." will appear. See Example 3 below.


Example 1

{{template category
|type  = navbox
|topic = the [[United States]]

Example 2

{{template category
|type  = navbox
|topic = [[China]]
|description = <br /><small>For templates relating specifically to the [[People's Republic of China|People's Republic of China (PRC)]] or the current [[Republic of China|Republic of China (ROC, "Taiwan")]], see, respectively, {{c|People's Republic of China templates}} and {{c|Republic of China (Taiwan) templates}}.</small>

Example 3

{{template category
|description = Here's a ''description'' without a preceding ''topic'' statement.
|container = yes

Example 4

{{template category
|type = external link
|description = '''Templates aiding the creation and formatting of external links to [[topic]] databases.'''

See also

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