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  • This tag should be applied to articles which need additional internal links. Articles with no internal links at all can instead be tagged with {{dead end}}.
  • This template will add pages to Category:Articles with too few wikilinks or one of its dated subcatgories.
  • If a parameter is provided such as {{Underlinked|date=januari 2022}} then the page is put into a by-date category instead. Another way to do this is to paste the following to the page: {{subst:dated|Underlinked}} If the date is left out, a bot will add it.
  • The simplest way to add this template to an article is to copy and paste
    to the top of an article. You may also drop it into the top of a section, but please specify the "|section" option to generate the proper template text.
  • Please do not subst: this template. Use of the {{dated}} template does require a subst:, which is used to save the current date.
  • Please do not include Category pages.
  • Date tagging syntax: {{Underlinked|date=januari 2022}} or {{Underlinked|section|date=januari 2022}}

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