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This is a generic profile for post partum conditions.

Each bc-DisorderPostPartum must have:

  • a code, specifying the condition
  • a subject, the woman who gave birth

Each bc-DisorderPostPartum may have:

  • a reference to the Delivery Procedure (using the part of extension). The preferred option for birthcare systems is to include this, but this cannot be guaranteed for external data (such as BGZ).


The entire profile can be found at: bc-PostPartum


This is a pattern for postpartum Conditions in Birthcare. Note that the meta.profile element should preferably include bc-DisorderPostPartum. Again, this may be the case for BGZ.

All FHIR instances which follow this pattern will be valid PostPartum disorder. Other fields from the FHIR profile may be present: this description is a minimal representation.


XML fragment

This is a recipe for postpartum disorders in Birthcare. Note that the meta.profile element should preferably be bc-DisorderPostPartum.

<Condition xmlns="">
    <id value="[[a unique id]]"/>
        <profile value=""/>
    <extension url="">
            <reference value="[[reference to the delivery procedure | Procedure/wouden-bevalling1]]" />
    [[# clinicalStatus is optional, only when known ]]
    <clinicalStatus value="[[active | recurrence | inactive | remission | resolved]]"/> 
    [[/ clinicalStatus ]]
            <system value="[[system, preferably from |]]"/> 
            <code value="[[code, to be taken from the relevant valuesets in ART-DECOR | 47821001"/> 
            <display value="[[display | Postpartum hemorrhage (disorder)]]"/> 
        <reference value="[[reference to the Woman Patient | Patient/XXX-VDWOUDEN" />
        <display value="[[display of reference | Patient van der Wouden]]" />
        <reference value="[[reference to the EpisodeOfCare | EpisodeOfCare/wouden-dossier-zwanger1]]"/>

Valuation table

PWD 2.3 to FHIR
Type # Concept System Code Display FHIR element ValueSet
Container.png 82544 Postnatale fase 362973001 Disorder of puerperium (disorder) code
CD.png 82545 Pathologie vrouw code Postpartum complicatie
Container.png 82297 Diagnose/interventie postnataal 439401001 Diagnosis (observable entity) code
TS.png 82298    Datum assertedDate
CD.png 82209 Pathologie vrouw code Postpartum complicatie