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General information

Name: BodyHeight
Version: 1.0
Publication date: 02-10-2017
Status wikipage: final

This FHIR profile is based on version 1.2 of the building block BodyHeight. The latest version of this building block can be found here on the wiki.


A person’s body height.


Body height is used for various reasons, including to measure growth, such as in babies, children or adolescents, to calculate body surface area, to for example calculate the correct amount of medication, or in combination with body weight to calculate the Body Mass Index. Height is also used to determine a person’s nutritional state.



This profile is derived from HL7 vital sign BodyHeight. The Observation.code is used to convey the information if a body height measurement was done standing or lying. The following LOINC codes can be used.

  • BodyHeight - 8302-2
  • BodyHeight --standing - 8308-9
  • BodyHeight --lying - 8306-3
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Published by Nictiz
Status draft