MedMij FHIR IG - DispenseRequest

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General information

Name: DispenseRequest
Version: 1.0
Publication date: 02-10-2017
Status wikipage: draft

This FHIR profile is based on the 2017 version of the ZIB DispenseRequest, which can be found on the wiki.

The ZIB DispenseRequest is based on the building blocks designed the Dutch Mediation project. More information can be found here on the (Dutch) wiki or for the complete dataset see ART DECOR


The dispense request is the request of a prescriber to the pharmacist to dispense medication(s) to the patient to support current medication agreements. The prescriber asks them to dispense a certain amount of medicine or to dispense medicine(s) for a period of use.


The goal of the dispense request is for the pharmacist to supply the medicine so the patient has a sufficient amount.



Formal url
Published by Nictiz
Status draft
Extension additionalInformation
Extension relatedMedicationAgreement
Extension dispenseLocation