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Adt creates the 'accessdate' field and value in YYYY-MM-DD format for most Citation templates.

Access dates may be implemented in three formats and should be consistent throughout the article:

  • YYYY-MM-DD: 2023-02-7
  • MYD: februari 7, 2023
  • DMY: 7 februari 2023


This template MUST be subst'd.

When subst'd, the template provides the YYYY-MM-DD date field and word string

"accessdate=CURRENTYEAR-CURRENTMONTH-CURRENTDAY" (all numeric with proper leading zero's)

Alternatively, it can be used to record an older date:

"accessdate={{{3}}}-{{{2}}}-{{{1}}}", of which any one, two, or all three may be specified, and again will add proper leading zero's and format the output.


  1. |{{subst:adt|three days ago}} — generates the string with the date of three days ago.{{#invoke:Indent|indent|1=|2=}}Given: |{{subst:adt|5}} it will generate:
  2. |{{subst:adt|three days ago|lastmonth}} — generates the string with the date of three days ago, which was in the different last month.{{#invoke:Indent|indent|1=|2=}}Given: |{{subst:adt|3|10}} it will generate:
  3. "Last year"—has been left as an exercise for the pupil!