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This template is placed at the top of categories which are populated by a template listed at WP:TFD. The instructions at WP:CFD state that the proper place to do this is at WP:TFD, mentioning the category.


If a single template has been nominated for deletion

{{Catfd|template name}}

  • template name should be replaced by the name of the template (not including "Template:") nominated for deletion.

If multiple templates are nominated together under a descriptive header

{{Catfd|header=title of Tfd discussion}}

  • title of Tfd discussion should be replaced by the section header used for the discussion.

This template should not be substituted.

See also

  • {{Tfd}} - basic template
  • {{Tfd|type=inline}} - inline usage
  • {{Tfd2}} - second step in a Tfd process
  • {{Tfdnotice}} - Tfd info on related pages
  • {{Catfd}} - category involved in Tfd
  • {{Catfd2}} - add corresponding category to second step in a Tfd process