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  • This Rcat populates the Redirects from other capitalisations category, which must be populated by main article redirects only. At some point in the future, Jimmy Wales wants to make a printed version of the full Wikipedia encyclopedia, and most other capitalizations are not suitable for a printed version, so this Rcat also automatically populates the Unprintworthy redirects category. See below for what to do for the few that are printworthy.
  • Place this Rcat after the main article redirect target in the following manner:
#REDIRECT [[Target article name]] {{R from other capitalisation}}
This is in accord with instructions found at WP:REDCAT.
  • By default, this template tags redirects as unprintworthy. To tag a redirect as printworthy, use the pipe symbol (¦) on your keyboard to type the addition ¦printworthy in the following manner:
{{R from other capitalisation|printworthy}}
  • Template {{This is a redirect}} may also be used to add this and other appropriate Rcats to a redirect.
  • Use this Rcat on any Main namespace redirect from a title with another method of capitalisation. It leads to the title in accordance with the Wikipedia naming conventions for capitalisation, and can help writing, searching, and international language issues.
  • If this Rcat is placed on any redirect in a namespace other than the Main namespace, it will not appear on the redirect, and it will not place the redirect in the Redirects from other capitalisations category.
  • Other variants should use one of the other Rcats such as {{R from alternative spelling}} or {{R from alternative name}}.


  • Click here for a list of templates that redirect here and that may also be used.

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