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This template is used to nominate a template for discussion.

Basic usage

Substitute this template onto the template you wish to nominate, i.e. add the following code and press save.

{{subst:Template for discussion}}

Nominating a group of templates

To nominate multiple templates for deletion under the same heading, use the |heading= parameter to specify the heading under which the discussion is taking place. Type the following at the top of each individual template:

{{subst:Template for discussion|heading=HEADING}}

where HEADING is the name of the section heading under which you will list the templates for deletion.

Display on articles

Unless you do something unusual such as enclosing in noinclude tags, articles that use the nominated template will provide a notification and link to the discussion. By default the article will show the following just above the display of the nominated template:

There are various other options, specified by the |type= parameter.


To nominate inline templates, set |type=inline. This will help with formatting issues that occur when the large notification is displayed. Type the following:

{{subst:Template for discussion|type=inline}}

The notification on articles looks like this: ‹The template [[Template:{{{page}}}|{{{page}}}]] is being [[{{{link}}}|considered for deletion]].› 


To use even smaller notifications, for inline template nominations, set |type=tiny. Type the following

{{subst:Template for discussion|type=tiny}}

which will produce the following notification: [[{{{link}}}|‹See Tfd›]]


To nominate templates that are used as sidebars, such as infoboxes, specify |type=sidebar, i.e.

{{subst:Template for discussion|type=sidebar}}

which produces:


Finally it is possible to disable the notification completely by typing |type=disabled. You can use this when everything else fails.

{{subst:Template for discussion|type=disabled}}

Which type should be used?

For example, suppose that a template called {{Raisins}} outputs the link "dried grapes". Here's how it might appear in an article:

If the default type were to be inserted into the template, the following would result:

And it is impossible for the reader to identify the template which is under discussion.

Using |type=inline instead generates the following result:

The downside is a greater degree of interference with the article's text, so the decision of which type to use should be made on a case-by-case basis. In rare cases, where the insertion of any template is deemed too detrimental to a large number of articles, it might be advisable to disable the notifications completely.


Templates that transclude this template will be added to Category:Templates for deletion.

See also

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