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Subtemplate for turning an easily typeable name for a unit into a proper scientific notation for the unit without a link to a page about the unit. See {{val/unitswithlink}} for a version that provides a link to the unit as well. If the template does not have an entry for the unit, it is returned "as is".

This template is used by {{val}} to translate the u and up arguments. When adding a unit of the type X/Y (eg. m/s), please consider adding a X·Y-1 version as well (and name it X*Y-1).


1 = The easily typable name of the unit.


{{val/units|m/s}}  →  m/s
{{val/units|m*s-1}}  →  m·s−1
{{val/units|MeV}}  →  MeV
{{val/units|kg}}  →  kg
{{val/units|whatever}}  →  whatever (unimplemented)

Feel free to add new units if they are not implemented. See Template:Val/units/test for a page that should include all units processed by this template. You should update the test page when you make changes to this template and check if the symbols you are adding/modifying make sense.