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This page is to test the link and markup for a unit you want to add to to the wiki at {{Val/unitswithlink}} or {{Val/units}}. For How to add units see {{Val}}.

This page is also (theoretically) "the current list" of units val handles, but this is only true if the same entry here is at Val/unitswithlink, which is certainly a true "current list" if you edit that page to see it. This page is occasionally synchronized to it manually.

The term between the pipe character (|) and the equals character (=) is what the val user will give the ul or upl parameter, and is what is processed by Val/unitswithlink, with the result appearing on the right hand side as a link, as if it were val itself running in a sandbox.

The sections are divided into two groups: basic units and composite units. The idea here is that the least complete, and therefore of most interest, are in there own section, and higher up in the page; furthermore, sublists are linked to the same article, or tightly associated articles; otherwise sections, and and the order of the lists are arbitrary.

Quick entry

To add a unit quickly, choose put it directly under Composite units or Basic units below, or you may put it in this section.

|L_solar=L |M_solar=M |solar luminosity=L

Composite units

A composite unit has visual combinations of more basic units.

To quickly add a unit, you may enter it in this section.


Rather than a physical measurement, this group is about phrases.

|psi=psi |ppb=ppb |ppm=ppm

|kyr=kyr |kya=kya |myr=myr |mya=mya |byr=byr |bya=bya

|BP=BP |uBP=14C yr BP

The following units don't work for four-digit year numbers, but work for one, two, or three digit year numbers.


Note that Val will place "AD" after the year, but placing the abbreviation before the year is equally acceptable; the limitation of the Val template should not be interpreted as a deprecation of the style choice of placing AD before the year.

Atomic physics and Chemistry

|g/mol=g·mol−1 |kg/mol=kg·mol−1

|eV/c2=eV/c2 |GeV/c2=GeV/c2 |keV/c2=keV/c2 |MeV/c2=MeV/c2 |TeV/c2=TeV/c2


|TJ/mol=TJ/mol |TJ*mol-1=TJ·mol−1 |MJ/mol=MJ/mol |MJ*mol-1=MJ·mol−1 |kJ/mol=kJ/mol |kJ*mol-1=kJ·mol−1 |J/mol=J/mol |J*mol-1=J·mol−1 |GJ/mol=GJ/mol |GJ*mol-1=GJ·mol−1 |Js=J·s

|N*A-2=N·A−2 |N*m-1=N·m−1 |H*m-1=H·m−1

|V/m=V/m |Vm-1=V·m−1

Pressure and density

|g/cm3=g/cm3 |kg/m3=kg/m3 |kg/cm3=kg/cm3

|g/L=g/L |mg/ml=mg/mL |μg/dL=μg/dL |mcg/dL=mcg/dL

Velocity and Acceleration

|m/s2=m/s2 |m/s=m/s |m*s-2=m·s−2 |m*s-1=m·s−1

Basic units

A basic unit is a single name of a unit, which may nevertheless imply subunits.

To quickly add a unit, you may enter it in this section.


|y=y |yr=yr |year=year |years=years

|Ga=Ga |Ma=Ma |ka=ka

|s=s |as=as |cs=cs |das=das |ds=ds |Es=Es |fs=fs |Gs=Gs |hs=hs |ks=ks |ms=ms |µs=µs |Ms=Ms |ns=ns |ps=ps |Ps=Ps |Ts=Ts |Ys=Ys |ys=ys |Zs=Zs |zs=zs

Atomic physics and chemistry



|eV=eV |GeV=GeV |keV=keV |mev=meV |MeV=MeV |TeV=TeV

|g=g |ag=ag |cg=cg |dag=dag |dg=dg |Eg=Eg |fg=fg |Gg=Gg |hg=hg |kg=kg |mcg=mcg |Mg=Mg |mg=mg |mug=µg |µg=µg |ng=ng |Pg=Pg |pg=pg |Tg=Tg |yg=yg |Yg=Yg |zg=zg |Zg=Zg


|C=C |c=c |F=F |H=H |R=R

|A=A |aA=aA |cA=cA |dA=dA |daA=daA |EA=EA |fA=fA |GA=GA |hA=hA |kA=kA |mA=mA |MA=MA |muA=µA |µA=µA |nA=nA |pA=pA |PA=PA |TA=TA |yA=yA |YA=YA |zA=zA |ZA=ZA

|V=V |cV=cV |daV=daV |dV=dV |EV=EV |fV=fV |GV=GV |hV=hV |kV=kV |muV=µV |µV=µV |mV=mV |MV=MV |nV=nV |pV=pV |PV=PV |TV=TV |VV=VV |yV=yV |YV=YV |zV=zV |ZV=ZV

|G=G |aG=aG |cG=cG |daG=daG |dG=dG |EG=EG |fG=fG |GG=GG |hG=hG |kG=kG |MG=MG |mG=mG |muG=µG |µG=µG |nG=nG |PG=PG |pG=pG |TG=TG |yG=yG |YG=YG |zG=zG |ZG=ZG

|T=T |aT=aT |cT=cT |daT=daT |dT=dT |ET=ET |fT=fT |GT=GT |hT=hT |kT=kT |MT=MT |mT=mT |muT=µT |µT=µT |nT=nT |PT=PT |pT=pT |TT=TT |yT=yT |YT=YT |zT=zT |ZT=ZT

|Hz=Hz |aHz=aHz |cHz=cHz |daHz=daHz |dHz=dHz |EHz=EHz |fHz=fHz |hHz=hHz |GHz=GHz |kHz=kHz |MHz=MHz |mHz=mHz |muHz=µHz |µHz=µHz |nHz=nHz |pHz=pHz |PHz=PHz |THz=THz |yHz=yHz |YHz=YHz |zHz=zHz |ZHz=ZHz

Length, area, volume, pressure

|Pa=Pa |MPa=MPa |KPa=KPa |GPa=GPa

|µGal=µGal |muGal=µGal

|km3=km3 |km2=km2

|m=m |am=am |cm=cm |dam=dam |dm=dm |Em=Em |fm=fm |Gm=Gm |hm=hm |km=km |Mm=Mm |mm=mm |mum=µm |µm=µm |nm=nm |Pm=Pm |pm=pm |Tm=Tm |Ym=Ym |ym=ym |Zm=Zm |zm=zm

Linked to Square meter: |µm2=µm2 |am2=am2 |cm2=cm2 |dam2=dam2 |dm2=dm2 |Em2=Em2 |fm2=fm2 |Gm2=Gm2 |hm2=hm2 |mm2=mm2 |Mm2=Mm2 |nm2=nm2 |pm2=pm2 |Pm2=Pm2 |Tm2=Tm2 |ym2=ym2 |Ym2=Ym2 |zm2=zm2 |Zm2=Zm2


|°C=°C |°F=°F |°R=°R |degC=°C |degF=°F |degR=°R

|aK=aK |cK=cK |daK=daK |dK=dK |EK=EK |fK=fK |GK=GK |hK=hK |K=K |kK=kK |MK=MK |mK=mK |muK=µK |µK=µK |nK=nK |PK=PK |pK=pK |TK=TK |yK=yK |YK=YK |zK=zK |ZK=ZK