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Pattern legend

For several FHIR resource types we follow generic patterns in Birthcare. A pattern contains:

  • an XML and/or JSON fragment
    • all non-bracketed code is fixed
    • parts in [[square brackets]] are variable and contain instructions on how to populate those
    • a pipeline | separates text from example value
    • [[!comments]] are bracketed with exclamation mark
    • bracketed blocks start with [[# text]] and end with [[/ text]], text will contain information on how to populate the block in instances
    • for instance: Observation.value[x], if 'x' can vary, information about the content is provided
    • (square brackets do not clash too much with either XML or JSON syntax, other than that we follow Mustache syntax very loosely)
    • (fragments are not intended to be machine-processable, but are for documentation, do not rely on fragments syntax to be faultless)
    • (not are recipes intended to replace StructureDefinitions, just to provide more readable documentation for implementers)
  • a valuation table
    • with a dataset concept id
    • fixed values for the valuation of bracketed elements of the fragment (i.e. those are fixed for that particular concept)
    • bracketed values for per-instance variable data (i.e. those are not fixed for that particular concept, usually the actual values that are exchanged)