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This is a generic profile for conditions related to a pregnancy.

Each bc-DisorderOfPregnancy must have:

  • a fixed category, specifying that this is a pregnancy-related condition
  • a code, specifying the condition
  • a subject, the pregnant woman
  • performer should be provided if known (this may not always be the case for historical data). performer is the responsible care professional.

Each bc-DisorderOfPregnancy may have:

  • a reference to the Pregnancy Condition (the Condition is part of). The preferred option for birthcare systems is to include this, but this cannot be guaranteed for external data (such as BGZ).


The entire profile can be found at: bc-DisorderOfPregnancy


This is a patten for pregnancy-related Conditions in Birthcare. Note that the meta.profile element should preferably include bc-DisorderOfPregnancy. Again, this may be the case for BGZ.

All FHIR instances which follow this pattern will be valid Pregnancy disorder. Other fields from the FHIR profile may be present: this description is a minimal representation.


XML fragment

This is a recipe for pregnancy-related disorders in Birthcare. Note that the meta.profile element should preferably be bc-DisorderOfPregnancy.

<Condition xmlns="">
    <id value="[[a unique id]]"/>
        <profile value=""/>
    <extension url="">
            <reference value="[[reference to the pregnancy | Condition/wouden-zwanger1]]" />
    [[# clinicalStatus is optional, only when known ]]
    <clinicalStatus value="[[active | recurrence | inactive | remission | resolved]]"/> 
    [[/ clinicalStatus ]]
            <system value=""/> 
            <code value="173300003"/> 
            <display value="Disorder of pregnancy (disorder)"/> 
            <system value="[[system, preferably from |]]"/> 
            <code value="[[code, to be taken from the relevant valuesets in ART-DECOR | 235888006"/> 
            <display value="[[display | Cholestasis of pregnancy (disorder)]]"/> 
        <reference value="[[reference to the Mother Patient | Patient/XXX-VDWOUDEN" />
        <display value="[[display of reference | Patient van der Wouden]]" />
        <reference value="[[reference to the EpisodeOfCare | EpisodeOfCare/wouden-dossier-zwanger1]]"/>

Valuation table

The FHIR profiles are independent of dataset versions, the mappings are not.

(The values in column 'Code' can be found on Simplifier as a binding on the code on this profile.)

Dataset 3.2 mappings

PWD 2.3 to FHIR
Type # Concept Reference Profile System Code Display FHIR element ValueSet
Container.png 3830 Probleem (Zwangerschap) 1180 bc-DisorderOfPregnancy
Container.png 9140 Probleem (Zwangerschap) 1180 bc-DisorderOfPregnancy
Container.png 2731 Probleem (Zwangerschap) 1180 bc-DisorderOfPregnancy
Container.png 4384 Probleem (Zwangerschap) 1180 bc-DisorderOfPregnancy
Container.png 1180 Probleem (Zwangerschap) bc-DisorderOfPregnancy
CD.png 1181    ProbleemAnatomischeLocatie bc-DisorderOfPregnancy bodySite ProbleemAnatomischeLocatieCodelijst
CD.png 1182    ProbleemLateraliteit bc-DisorderOfPregnancy bodySite.extension:Laterality.valueCodeableConcept:valueCodeableConcept ProbleemLateraliteitCodelijst
CD.png 1183    ProbleemType bc-DisorderOfPregnancy category ProbleemTypeCodelijst
CD.png 1184 ProbleemNaam bc-DisorderOfPregnancy code ProbleemNaam_Zwangerschap
CD.png 8654    Ernst oedeem bc-DisorderOfPregnancy severity Ernst van de aandoening
CD.png 7894    Vermoeden iuvd op basis van bc-DisorderOfPregnancy evidence.code IUVD methode
TS.png 1185    ProbleemBeginDatum bc-DisorderOfPregnancy onsetDateTime:onsetDateTime
TS.png 1186    ProbleemEindDatum bc-DisorderOfPregnancy abatementDateTime:abatementDateTime
CD.png 1187    ProbleemStatus bc-DisorderOfPregnancy clinicalStatus ProbleemStatusCodelijst
CD.png 1188    VerificatieStatus bc-DisorderOfPregnancy verificationStatus VerificatieStatusCodelijst
ST.png 1189    Toelichting bc-DisorderOfPregnancy 48767-8 Annotation comment note
Container.png 2458 Afwijking placenta bc-DisorderOfPregnancy
Container.png 2460 Probleem bc-DisorderOfPregnancy
CD.png 2461    ProbleemAnatomischeLocatie bc-DisorderOfPregnancy bodySite ProbleemAnatomischeLocatieCodelijst
CD.png 2462    ProbleemLateraliteit bc-DisorderOfPregnancy bodySite.extension:Laterality.valueCodeableConcept:valueCodeableConcept ProbleemLateraliteitCodelijst
CD.png 2463    ProbleemType bc-DisorderOfPregnancy category ProbleemTypeCodelijst
CD.png 2464 ProbleemNaam bc-DisorderOfPregnancy code Specificatie van de afwijking van placenta en/of vliezen en/of navelstreng (2.2)
TS.png 2465    ProbleemBeginDatum bc-DisorderOfPregnancy onsetDateTime:onsetDateTime
TS.png 2466    ProbleemEindDatum bc-DisorderOfPregnancy abatementDateTime:abatementDateTime
CD.png 2467    ProbleemStatus bc-DisorderOfPregnancy clinicalStatus ProbleemStatusCodelijst
CD.png 2468    VerificatieStatus bc-DisorderOfPregnancy verificationStatus VerificatieStatusCodelijst
ST.png 2469    Toelichting bc-DisorderOfPregnancy 48767-8 Annotation comment note