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Side-by-side columns, based on CSS float.

This has the advantage of more cross-device-accessible behaviour, as (unlike HTML <table>s) they will wrap on display windows too narrow to show them side-by-side.


Defaults to 30em, as IE-based browsers don't float correctly unless width is explicitly specified
  • class optional
Embed any class identifiers wished
  • style optional
Force extra CSS styling.
Placed after the existing styles, so anything implicit can be over-ruled.

Example section (from Hydrolastic)

Cars using the Hydrolastic suspension system
Cars using the Hydragas suspension system
;Cars using the [[Hydrolastic]] suspension system:
* [[BMC ADO16|BMC 1100]]
* [[Mini]] (from 1964 to 1971)
* [[Austin America]] (from 1968 to 1971)
* [[Austin 1800]]
* [[Austin Maxi]](Until March 1978)
* [[Austin 3-Litre]]
* [[MG 1100]] (from 1962 to 1968)

;Cars using the [[Hydragas]] suspension system:
* [[Austin Ambassador]]
* [[Leyland Princess|Princess]]
* [[Austin Allegro]]
* [[Austin Maxi]] (From March 1978 onwards)
* [[Austin Metro]]
* [[Rover Metro]]
* [[Rover P4#P4 100|Rover 100]]