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This template outputs a minus sign if the number is negative, then formats the absolute value, using {{delimitnum/real}}.

The first (mandatory) parameter contains the signed mantissa. Its absolute value will be formatted using groups of 3 digits before the decimal separator, and its fractional part will be formatted by groups of 3 digits, but avoiding a single isolated digit in the last group.

Other parameters are optional :

  • the second parameter contains a few extra digits of precision, that are shown only to represent an estimated/average value (these digits are formatted between parentheses);
  • the third parameter is a base-10 exponent, used to multiply the mantissa;
  • the fourth parameter is any text containing a unit name or abbreviation, following the number after a non-breaking space.


  • {{delimitnum|6.02214179|30|23|kg}}: 6.02214179(30) × 1023 kg
  • {{delimitnum|-1579800.298728}}: -1.579.800.298728
  • {{delimitnum|1.356392733||50|Hz}}: 1.356392733 × 1050 Hz
  • {{delimitnum|0.45359237|||kg}}: 0.45359237 kg
  • {{delimitnum|6.022461}}: 6.022461
  • {{delimitnum|6.0224613}}: 6.0224613
  • {{delimitnum|6.02246134}}: 6.02246134
  • {{delimitnum|6.022461342}}: 6.022461342

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