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Classification: Wikipedians: by alma mater: United States: University

This category contains Wikipedians who attend or have attended University.

If you want to add yourself to this category, insert the following anywhere on your user page. Copy and paste the code as is; do not change PAGENAME.

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This template is used in subcategories of Category:Wikipedians by alma mater.

Parameters Used for
{{educat|university name|userbox name}}
Example: {{educat|Princeton University|User Princeton}}
Institutions in the United States.
{{educat|university name|userbox name|country=country}}
Example: {{educat|University of Tokyo|User u-tokyo|country=Japan}}
Institutions outside the United States.
{{educat|university name||userbox name}}
Example: {{educat|Bucknell University||User:UBX/Bucknell}}
Institutions with a userbox which is in userspace.
{{educat|university name|nobox}} Categories with no associated userbox.