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This {{Ltsmeta|template name}} shows links for a template also available on Meta. It's used for templates often copied from Meta to other sister projects, or vice versa.

In general is a means of checking interwiki on the key parameters that may be affected by a change in the template page where used (i.e. '{PAGENAME}' is default), or which is specified by the first argument, if given one.

See also

Sjabloon:Las (bewerken overleg links geschiedenis) indent|1=3|2=}}Defaults to article space, but accepts category or template, etc. namespace prefixes too.
Sjabloon:Lts (bewerken overleg links geschiedenis) for templates (List Template Short ["Lt"])
Sjabloon:Lcs (bewerken overleg links geschiedenis) for categories
Sjabloon:Lps (bewerken overleg links geschiedenis) for {{ns:Project}} (= Informatiestandaarden)
Sjabloon:Ltsmeta (bewerken overleg links geschiedenis) for templates copied from Meta
Sjabloon:Lts/ (bewerken overleg links geschiedenis) for template lists (see below)
Sjabloon:Lx (bewerken overleg links geschiedenis) boilerplate for the Lx family
Category:Internal link templates for a comparison of this zoo see below
Template:Lps (bewerken overleg links geschiedenis) over Meta
Template:Lts (bewerken overleg links geschiedenis) over Meta
Template:Ltsmeta (bewerken overleg links geschiedenis) over Meta