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This template index page furnishes editors with a practical tool to quickly find the redirect category templates (Rcats) that are used most often. This index template organises the templates by function and, in some cases, provides examples of where and when to use them. For a complete alphabetical list of redirect category templates, see Wikipedia:Template messages/Redirect pages. The procedure to use for placing these Rcats on redirects will be found at WP:REDCAT.

At some point in the future, Jimmy Wales wants to make a printed version of the full Wikipedia encyclopedia. Some Rcats place a redirect in either Category:Printworthy redirects or Category:Unprintworthy redirects by default. Other Rcats do not, which means that it is up to editors to choose to the best of their knowledge which of those categories, Printworthy or Unprintworthy, is appropriate and should be populated. The Rcats that can be used separately to populate those categories are:

Please click on each one for more details.

Redirect category templates

Grammar, punctuation and spelling

Usage Template Example(s)
  • For:
  • Not for:
    • acronyms
    • expanded forms to initialisms
    • initials of personal names
{{R from initialism}} UN → United Nations
Member states of the UN → Member states of the United Nations

ANZAC → Australian and New Zealand Army Corps ({{R from acronym}})
British Broadcasting Corporation → BBC ({{R from long name}})
J. S. Bach → Johann Sebastian Bach ({{R from short name}})
Capitalisation and spelling
Alternative spellings
  • For:
    • correct spelling alternatives
    • numbers to words
    • words to numbers
  • Not for:
    • misspellings
    • spelling differences that result in different pronunciations
{{R from alternative spelling}} Humor → Humour
Colonization of Africa → Colonisation of Africa
Shed 7 → Shed Seven
One → 1 (number)

Alternate future → Alternative future ({{R from alternative name}})
Pronounciation → Pronunciation ({{R from misspelling}})
Travelling Wilburys → Traveling Wilburys ({{R from misspelling}})
  • For:
    • capitalisation differences
    • page names with incorrect capitalisation
  • Not for:
    • CamelCase titles from the old versions of Wikipedia
{{R from other capitalisation}} Cody ChesnuTT → Cody Chesnutt
The beatles → The Beatles

TheBeatles → The Beatles ({{R from CamelCase}})
  • For:
    • incorrect differences in spelling
{{R from misspelling}} Pronounciation → Pronunciation
Travelling Wilburys → Traveling Wilburys
Grammar and punctuation
  • For:
    • punctuation differences
    • re-arrangement of words
{{R from modification}} North Korean-Russian → North Korean Russian
Russia – North Korea relations → North Korea – Russia relations
1962-63 Ashes series → 1962–63 Ashes series
From plurals
  • For:
    • plural nouns or noun phrases to their singular forms
    • plural nouns or noun phrases when the singular form is also a redirect to the same target
  • Not for:
    • singular nouns or noun phrases to their plural forms
{{R from plural}} Dogs → Dog
To plurals
  • For:
    • singular nouns or noun phrases to their plural forms
    • singular nouns or noun phrases when the plural form is also a redirect to the same target
  • Not for:
    • plural nouns or noun phrases to their singular forms
{{R to plural}} Minimal medium → Minimal media

Alternative names

Usage Template Example(s)
Full names such as
Municipality, State
forms or
Village, City forms to briefer name form
{{R from name and country}}
Full names
persons, things, topics and such alternative forms of names redirected to briefer article page names
{{R from long name}}
Short names
persons, things, topics and such alternative forms of names redirected to full article page names
{{R from short name}}
Alternative names
general pseudonyms, nicknames, and synonyms that are not historic names or a full name as above
{{R from alternative name}}
Incorrect names
articles that were renamed (moved) to correct name that left a redirect behind
{{R from incorrect name}}
Previous names (no historic significance) {{R from former name}}
Previous names that do have historic significance, where subsumed into a modern entity or region (also populates Category:Printworthy redirects) {{R from historic name}} Calcutta → Kolkata
Scientific names
  • from formal name to commonplace article name (automatic Printworthy category)
  • commonplace name to more formal, specific article name
  • from alternative scientific name to correct (or believed to be correct) scientific name
  • from molecular/chemical formula to scientific or common name (automatic Printworthy category)

{{R from scientific name}}
{{R to scientific name}}
{{R from alternative scientific name}}
{{R from molecular formula}}
Other languages {{R from alternative language}}
Non-ASCII characters {{R from ASCII}}
{{R from Unicode}}
Diacritical marks {{R from diacritics}}
{{R from title without diacritics}}
Unambiguous surnames {{R from surname}}


Usage Template Example(s)
Old-style CamelCase links {{R from CamelCase}}
Titles with disambiguators that aren't needed {{R from unnecessary disambiguation}} Jupiter (planet)
To redirect to decade article {{R to decade}}
Facilitate disambiguation {{R to disambiguation page}}
For ambiguous phrases covered by another disambiguation page {{R from ambiguous page}}
Links auto-generated from EXIF information {{R from EXIF}}
List entry {{R to list entry}}
People who are members of a group, organisation, ensemble or team {{R from member}}
Sub-topics or closely related topics that should be explained within the text, which may possibly become a future article {{R with possibilities}}
Related terms or topics {{R to related topic}}
Related words {{R from related word}}
From school stub to merge location {{R from school}}
Section {{R to section}}
To redirect from a shortcut (not a "template shortcut"—see below) {{R from shortcut}} WP:BOLD
To redirect from a template shortcut {{R from template shortcut}}
From a song to an album or artist {{R from song}}
From an album to an artist {{Redirect from album}}

Merges, duplicates and moves

Usage Template Example(s)
Duplicated articles {{R from duplicated article}}
Merges {{R from merge}}
Page moves {{R from move}}

To namespaces

Usage Template Example(s)
The following sort redirects into both a cross-namespace category and a same-namespace category:
Wikipedia (project) namespace
  • For:
  • Not for:
    • a page in the Wikipedia namespace to a page outside of the Wikipedia namespace
{{R to project}} Wikipedia:MOS → Wikipedia:Manual of Style
MOS:ABBR → Wikipedia:Manual of Style (abbreviations)
Help:IPA → Wikipedia:IPA
Help namespace
  • For:
  • Not for:
    • a page in the help namespace to a page outside of the help namespace
{{R to help}} Help:Magic word → Help:Magic words
H:R → Help:Redirect (H:R is in the Main namespace)
Wikipedia:Thumbnail → Help:Files
Portal namespace
  • For:
  • Not for:
    • a page in the portal namespace to a page outside of the portal namespace
{{R to portal}} Portal:Beatles → Portal:The Beatles
P:ENG → Portal:England
Wikipedia:0 → Portal:Contents
The following sort redirects into one cross-namespace category only:
Main namespace
  • For:
  • Not for:
    • a page in the main namespace to any page
{{R to main}} Template:DSM IV TR → Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Beatles → The Beatles
Talk namespaces
  • For:
  • Not for:
    • a page in the talk namespace to any page
{{R to talk}} Help:Table → Talk:Library
Wikipedia:Edit conflict → Wikipedia talk:Edit conflict
User talk:Simon → User:Simon ({{R to user}})
User talk:Jimbo → Talk:Genius
Template namespace
  • For:
  • Not for:
    • a page in the template namespace to any page
{{R to template}} T:S → Template:Spotlight (T:S is in the Main namespace.)
Template:R from → Template:R template index
User namespace
  • For:
  • Not for:
    • a page in the user namespace to any page
{{R to user}} Wikipedia:MOS → User:Jimbo Wales
User talk:Tricky Ed → User:SuperEditor

User:SuperEditor → User talk:Tricky Ed ({{R to talk}})
User:SuperEditor → User:Tricky Ed
User:Jimbo Wales/Workpage → User:Jimbo Wales
Category namespace
  • For:
  • Not for:
    • a page in the category namespace to any page
{{R to category}} CAT:A → Category:Wikipedia adminship (CAT:A is in the Main namespace)
Category:A → Category:Wikipedia adminship


  • {{This is a redirect}} can be used to group redirect category templates. This is useful with one exception: When you place an Rcat on a redirect that gives you the choice to change from one category to another, then you will not be able to use the {{This is a redirect}} template. The Rcat {{R from plural}} is a good example of this. {{R from plural}} is used to redirect from a plural title to a singular one. Most of these redirects are "unprintworthy", so {{R from plural}} automatically places those redirects in Category:Unprintworthy redirects. To identify a redirect from a plural title as printworthy in combination with {{This is a redirect}}, use {{R from printworthy plural}} as the redirect template name.
  • For Talk pages, there are only certain redirect category templates you should use. The only Rcats that apply to Talk pages are {{R to talk}}, {{R from shortcut}}, those associated with moves, merges and cross-namespace redirects. For more information, click on the templates.

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