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  • {{xt}} inline positive example text, in green
  • {{bxt}} same as {{xt}} but uses boldface instead of changed font (especially useful in source code)
  • {{xt2}} same as {{xt}} but for blocks of text
  • {{!xt}} inline negative example text, in red
  • {{!bxt}} same as {{!xt}} but uses boldface
  • {{!xt2}} same as {{!xt}} but for blocks
  • {{xtd}} inline deprecated (or uncertain, unavailable, lorem, etc.) example text, in grey
  • {{bxtd}} same as {{xtd}} but uses boldface
  • {{xtn}} inline neutral example text, with no color change, when none of the above applies
  • {{bxtn}} same as {{xtn}} but uses boldface; it still applies a CSS class, so it not simply boldfacing
  • {{dc}} inline deprecated code or text; {{dc2}} variant has Sjabloon:Dc2 (both explicitly use the <del> element)
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This documentation sub-template is for transclusion in the "See also" sections of the documentation of the templates of the {{xt}} family. There are no parameters:

=== See also ===
{{Xt see also}}

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