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This is a generic profile for observations related to a fetus.

Each Fetus Observation must have:

  • a reference to the fetus BodySite, only in case there is no Patient record for the unborn fetus, this is the focus of the Observation
  • a subject, either the child Patient, or the woman Patient in case there is no Patient record for the unborn fetus
  • performer should be provided if known (this may not always be the case for historical data). performer is the responsible care professional.


The entire profile can be found at: bc-FetusObservation


This is a pattern for fetus-related Observations in Birthcare. Not for observations related to the born child. Note that the meta.profile element should at least include nl-core-observation and preferably bc-FetusObservation.

All FHIR instances which follow this pattern will be valid Fetus Observations. Other fields from the FHIR profile may be present: this description is a minimal representation.


<Observation xmlns="">
    <id value="[[a unique id]]"/>
        <profile value=""/>
        <profile value=""/>
   [[#extension focus, optional, only when subject is mother Patient and no child Patient record exists]]
    <extension url="">
            <reference value="[[reference to the fetus | BodySite/fetus]]" />
   [[/extension focus]]
    <status value="final"/>
            <system value="[[system, see below |]]"/>
            <code value="[[code, see below | 249062004"/>
            <display value="[[display, see below | Lie of fetus (observable entity)]]"/>
        <reference value="[[reference to the Child Patient or the Mother Patient in case no Child Patient record exists | Patient/XXX-VDWOUDEN" />
        <display value="[[display of reference | Patient van der Wouden]]" />
        <reference value="EpisodeOfCare/wouden-dossier-zwanger1" />
        <reference value="[[reference to the EpisodeOfCare | EpisodeOfCare/wouden-dossier-zwanger1]]"/>
        <reference value="[[reference to the performer should be included if known | Practitioner/nl-core-practitioner-01]]" />
        <display value="[[display of reference | Vera de Los]]" />
    [[#observation.value see below]]
            <system value=""/>
            <code value="70028003"/>
            <display value="Vertex presentation (finding)"/>

Valuation table

PWD 2.3 to FHIR
Type # Concept System Code Display FHIR element ValueSet
PQ.png 60080 AC 11979-2 AC valueQuantity
PQ.png 60081    AC percentiel X_AC_PRCTL AC Percentiel interpretation.extension:percentile
PQ.png 60030 BPD 11820-8 BPD valueQuantity
PQ.png 60031    BPD percentiel X_BPD_PRCTL BPD Percentiel interpretation.extension:percentile
PQ.png 82340 EFW 11727-5 Fetal Body weight estimated by US valueQuantity
PQ.png 60100 FL 11963-6 Femur lengte valueQuantity
PQ.png 60101    FL percentiel X_FL_PRCTL FL Percentiel interpretation.extension:percentile
PQ.png 60060 HC 8288-3 11984-2 Head Occipital-frontal circumference by US HC valueQuantity
PQ.png 60061    HC percentiel X_HC_PRCTL HC Percentiel interpretation.extension:percentile
PQ.png 60070 TCD 11863-8 Fetal Cerebellum Diameter transverse US valueQuantity
CD.png 80944 Ligging 249062004 Lie of fetus (observable entity) valueCodeableConcept Ligging
Container.png 82069 Placentalokalisatie valueCodeableConcept
CD.png 80946 Placentalokalisatie 7381000146107 Finding of placental position (finding) valueCodeableConcept Placentalokalisatie (2.2)