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This is a generic profile for observations related to a childbirth.

Each Birth Observation must have:

  • a subject, the woman giving birth
  • a reference to the Delivery Procedure (the focus of the Observation): this Procedure will contain a reference to the child which is born
  • performer should be provided if known (this may not always be the case for historical data). performer is the responsible care professional.


The entire profile can be found at: bc-BirthObservation


This is a patten for birth-related Observations in Birthcare. Not for observations related to the delivery. Note that the meta.profile element should at least include nl-core-observation and preferably bc-BirthObservation.

All FHIR instances which follow this pattern will be valid Birth Observations. Other fields from the FHIR profile may be present: this description is a minimal representation.


<Observation xmlns="">
    <id value="[[a unique id]]"/>
        <profile value=""/>
        <profile value=""/>
    <extension url="">
            <reference value="[[reference to the birth | Procedure/geboorte1-wouden]]" />
    <status value="final"/>
            <system value="[[system, see below |]]"/>
            <code value="[[code, see below | 364336006"/>
            <display value="[[display, see below | Pattern of delivery (observable entity)]]"/>
        <reference value="[[reference to the Mother Patient | Patient/XXX-VDWOUDEN" />
        <display value="[[display of reference | Patient van der Wouden]]" />
        <reference value="[[reference to the EpisodeOfCare | EpisodeOfCare/wouden-dossier-zwanger1]]"/>
        <reference value="[[reference to the Encounter | Encounter/wouden-controle12]]"/>
        <reference value="[[reference to the performer should be included if known | Practitioner/nl-core-practitioner-01]]" />
        <display value="[[display of reference | Vera de Los]]" />
    [[#observation.value see below]]
            <system value=""/>
            <code value="3311000146109"/>
            <display value="Vaginale kunstverlossing"/>

Valuation table

The FHIR profiles are independent of dataset versions, the mappings are not. Mappings for 3.1 and 3.2 will follow.

(The values in column 'Code' can be found on Simplifier as a binding on the code on this profile.)

Dataset 2.3 mappings

PWD 2.3 to FHIR
Type # Concept System Code Display FHIR element ValueSet
CD.png 80624 Type partus 364336006 Pattern of delivery (observable entity) valueCodeableConcept TypePartus
BL.png 40280 Perinatale sterfte? 10588007 perinatale sterfte (gebeurtenis) valueBoolean
CD.png 40290 Fase perinatale sterfte urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113883. FasePerinataleSterfte Fase perinatale sterfte valueCodeableConcept Fase Perinatale Sterfte (2.2)
TS.png 40300 Datum/tijd vaststelling perinatale sterfte 398299004 399753006 overlijdenstijd (waarneembare entiteit) datum van overlijden (waarneembare entiteit) valueDateTime
TS.png 80619 Tijdstip breken vliezen 289251005 Time rupture of membranes detected valueDateTime
CD.png 20610 Kleur en consistentie vruchtwater 38386-9 Color of Amniotic fluid valueCodableConcept KleurVruchtwater
TS.png 30030 Tijdstip actief meepersen urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113883. PRN530401 Tijdstip actief meepersen valueDateTime
BL.png 82089 Ruggeprik gewenst, niet gekregen? urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113883. RuggeprikGewNGekr Ruggeprik gewenst niet gekregen valueBoolean
CD.png 80626 Type partus 364336006 Pattern of delivery (observable entity) valueCode TypePartus
CD.png 40140 Ligging bij geboorte urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113883. LigGbrt Ligging bij geboorte valueCodeableConcept LiggingBijGeboorte22