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Note: This template should not be used on soft redirects.


This template is based on a proposal to standardize redirect templates. Its basic purpose is to simplify the process of tagging redirects.

Used by itself with no parameters ({{This is a redirect}}), the template will appear as above and automatically categorise the page into Category:Miscellaneous redirects.

Generally for good readability on the Edit screen, this template is placed on the third line of the redirect as follows:

#REDIRECT [[<target page>]]
(leave one line blank)
{{This is a redirect|from move|to section|printworthy}}

Apart from e1 through e6, all other parameters are used as follows: The template transcludes whatever other template begins with "R ", followed by the parameter's text. For example,

{{This is a redirect|from airport code}}

uses a version of {{R from airport code}} and produces:

If a template beginning with "R " is not found, the transcluded template is whatever has the same title as the exact text given, so {{This is a redirect|R from airport code}} produces the same result as the above.

Up to six templates can be transcluded. Parameters e1 through e6 are optional explanations, to clarify why the redirect category applies in each particular case.


{{This is a redirect|from airport code|e1=This airport code is rarely used any more.|from ambiguous page|e2=The ambiguity is disambiguated.|from album|e3=OK, this is not really an album.|from Unicode|e4=You get the idea.}}


As the above example currently demonstrates with {{R from ambiguous page}}, not all the transcluded templates will appear in bullet form – only those to which a specific ifeq parser sequence has been added.


  • At present, due to an improvement that is needed to the Wikimarkup software, the messages from Rcats do not yet appear on REDIRECT pages (Sjabloon:Bug). They do appear on Diff pages. So when an editor opens the "View history" tab and clicks on the "Compare selected revisions" button (or just presses the ENTER key), the Rcat messages appear. (Sjabloon:Bug)
  • There are some redirect category templates that use parameters. For example, the {{Redirect from alternative language}} template has the ability to categorize into specific language categories when the 1= and to= parameters are used. These parameters are "piped" in the following manner:
{{Redirect from alternative language|la|to=en}}
When such parameters are used, the Rcat must be placed by itself on the first line after the target link like this:
#REDIRECT [[Green's iguana]] {{Redirect from alternative language|la|to=en}}
Since the This is a redirect template uses pipes to separate Rcat templates, those Rcats that use piped parameters can only be used within this template when none of their parameters are needed. (The {{!}} template, which works in hatnotes, has been tried in this template and does not work.)
This applies to all Rcats that use piped parameters. If no parameters are specified, then the Rcat can be used in the This is a redirect template; however, if parameters are needed and specified, then the Rcat must be included separately, by itself, on the same line as the redirect target link.

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